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at Full Momentum

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Casual Time Traveler
Align time zones, calculate time offsets and explore our world clock.
  • World clock
  • Global Scheduler
  • Customisable home zone
  • Customisable working hours
  • Time zone selection saved in local browser
Early adopter: limited offer
Master of Moments
Your calendar and agenda visually translated to infinite time zones.



Everything in Free plus:

  • Integration with your Google Calendar
  • Additional Visualisation tool
  • See your personal agenda in infinite time zones
  • Guaranteed rates even as we ramp up features.
  • Opportunity to steer our vision
  • Dedicated support

...and Navigate Time Across Infinite Dimensions!

Time Troopers
Your teams’ agenda in MeetMomentum. Scheduling preferences. filtering and more!
  • Visualise everyones time zones
  • Filter teams and members
  • AI scheduling assistance
  • Book meetings in four clicks
  • Shared scheduling preferences
MeetMomentum is operated by a small team. By upgrading your subscription you are also contributing to keeping our Free tier ad-free.
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Watch demos of our premium tiers and decide for yourself
Experience becoming
Master of Moments
Your calendar and all your registered events will be visualised in our bespoke scheduler. You will be able to convert your agenda to any time zone, and compare time differences instantly.

Sign up in
three simple steps

  • Sign in with Google

  • Approve access to view your availability

    Please note, all interactions with your agenda are done safely within your own browser. We never access items in your calendar. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

  • Complete your subscription through Stripe's secure checkout

We are looking to add features like:
  • National Holidays from all selected countries
  • Book meetings and invite others, directly from MeetMomentum
  • View your contact's calender in MeetMomentum
  • See your agenda item details
  • Send link invites to others to book meetings from MeetMomentum

By subscribing now, as an early adopter you get to stay on a £10/year subscription and enjoy all coming features without paying anything extra. In addition, you get to suggest features and decide on priorities!
Experience joining
Time Troopers
The ultimate scheduling experience for remote or global teams.
See everyone's time zone at a glance, find overlapping working hours and more!

Book any meeting with as little as 4 clicks

Search by name, role, team or any other custom filter.

Choose from a smart list of suggested meeting times.

Update your meeting day-time requirements at any point.

Not just two, but infinite time-zones

Your teams' time zones visually presented.

Finding common working hours made effortless.

Simply drag with your keypad or type to book a meeting time instantly.

Visualise your teams' scheduling preferences

Let your team work flexibly without impacting productivity!

With MeetMomentum’s scheduling, you can see everyone's schedule at a glance

Ready to upgrade
your scheduling?
Don't miss out. For only £10 per year,

integrate your own calendar with our one-of-a-kind global scheduler!


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