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The modern ad-free time zone scheduler, integrated with Google Calendar. A convenient world clock and an online meeting scheduler. We make it easier to calculate the time difference between any country.

The Only Visual Time-Zone Widget integrated with Google Calendar.

Easily convert your agenda and meetings into any time zone. Whether you are communicating with your colleagues, travelling or trying to arrange phone calls, you can avoid complex time zone conversions and mental math by simply integrating your existing calendar with us!

MeetMomentum application with British, Polish, and US time zones demonstrating time selection invite feature.

Meet the fastest way to align schedules.

Find common working hours across time zones instantly with our visual tool. Configure the time ranges you are looking for and see the overlapping hours at a glance!

MeetMomentum application with Greek, British, and German time zones demonstrating the working hours feature.
Why do I need MeetMomentum?

Existing solution only allow for up two time zones.
Most calendar lack the automation for smart and effortless scheduling.

A menu with each weekday and configuration for Preferred and Acceptable working times.

Existing tools are not serving modern teams

  • All 20 interviewees from global enterprises mentioned time-zones as the major scheduling pain point.
  • Recent laws and legislations are pushing for flexible working arrangements. Existing tools are not supporting scheduling preferences.
Book a meeting with 4 clicks.

With our smart scheduling assistant, booking meetings was never easier!

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A menu allowing for setting meeting preferences for when, duration, etc.
A better scheduling experience, for global remote collaboration.
Meet the
We are a small but dedicated team that has extensive experience working in remote environments. Myself (Sofia, MeetMomentum Founder) grew up in Greece and also has family in Germany and Italy. Almost everyone I know lives in a different time zone and unfortunately, having dyslexia makes it a dat more difficult to keep up ;)

This is why I came up with the idea of a visual time zone convertor, that is fully integrated with your existing calendar! With the mission to offer the best possible scheduling experience we dedicated extensive resources and care in designing and building the very first global scheduler, with modern UI and fully integrated features!
We work from our base in the UK, right at the heart of Greenwich Mean Time.
You could say... we are perfectly positioned to solve your time zone troubles.
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